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Mental Health in your hands

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

— Brené Brown

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I'm Dr. Cara Fenster, a

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I understand how personal choosing a therapist is (and should be). Please feel free to click on the link below and get to know my background, education, professional experiences, and theraputic approach. Thanks for being here!

How can I help you?

From transitional life circumstances to severe events which significantly impact numerous areas of one's life, my goal is the same; build a sense of empowerment, increase awareness, and provide a knowledge of skills that can be used to persevere through challenges and future stress.

I have experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families in a variety of settings including outpatient, hospital and academic. My areas of focus include mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, transitional life events, and disorders of childhood. Another area of particular work is an individual's response to trauma including, PTSD.


Children often need just as much support, if not more, in dealing with difficult life events. However, individual therapy is approached differently with children in that it is unrealistic to expect a child to talk for 50 minutes about his or her feelings. Children very often have not yet developed the verbal skills required to identify and express how they are feeling about a situation. As such, play therapy becomes a valuable tool with which children are able to process their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Through play therapy, a child may be able to "talk" about a situation in a safe environment, thus gaining a sense of comfort and empowerment. Please click the link below to see a more extensive description of the services offered.


It goes without saying that adolescence can be a very difficult time for many teens. And with the addition of social media, it's important that parents not underestimate the increasing psychological stressors teens are facing.  While experiencing life changes can help to define one's character, individual therapy can be effective for identifying and exploring behaviors that may be more extreme than those of a "typical" adolescent. Therapy provides extra support, coping skills,  and clarity for the individual, and additional peace-of-mind for the parent. Please click the link below to see a more extensive description of the services offered.


Adults may attend therapy for a variety of reasons including transitional life events, extreme stressors, and everything in between. Therapy provides an environment where one can examine the current situation, reflect upon the precipitating events, and identify more productive means of coping. Individual therapy allows one to identify past and present challenges that are impeding his or her ability to feel empowered, peaceful, and fulfilled. Please click the link below to see a more extensive description of services offered.


“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”

— Brené Brown


Our eagerness to recommend Dr. Fenster to others, really says it all. We are truly thankful for all she has done for our daughter and continues to do. Our daughter began seeing Dr. Fenster over 4 years ago when she no longer was able to even leave our home, as anxiety had truly taken over her life. We had no luck with previous therapists and when we began to see the changes from her appointments with Dr. Fenster, we knew we had found the right doctor. She has given our daughter the tools she needs to live a healthy and productive life while also living with her anxiety. We are happy to say that after spending four years going to high school on line at home, she will be attending and living away from home at college and is excited about it! We know we have Dr. Fenster to thank for all of the wonderful progress she has achieved.




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